Call Out to All Artists

Hello to Every One

We are calling out to all artists from all backgrounds who are interested in co-creating innovative, interactive and informative ways of sharing the Petford Philosophies for LIFE: Living In Free Existence.

We are building a new model for collaborative community development, that will only require initial funding for setup as our proposal leads us into a financially self-sustainable future.

Our Philosophy on Community is that we are all one big Family. This means we offer support to each other and share what we have for the benefit of all.

We are offering an opportunity for all like-minded artists who can conceive a vision of a collaborative and creative future for our communities to join with us and bring the vision to life.

Many of you know the work of Petford, Geoff Guest and his late wife, Norma. This is the dedicated work of generous souls who saw their skills, talents and compassion as a gift that was given for the sake of sharing with others. Not only has Petford fostered many children, it has also become home to many wild, lost and abandoned animals. Horses, birds, cats, dogs and even toads have found sanctuary at Petford.

We want to open Petford back up to community contribution so that the legacy of sharing wellness lives on in future generations.

If you can help us co-create this project it will be beneficial for you, us and the whole community… To change the world we must do what we can when we can wherever we are.

All artists are welcome to participate and invited to submit their profiles and proposals for creative activities. With all our skills combined we can create a fantastic program that offers creative opportunities across a diverse range of arts practices that benefit the expanded community in many ways.

Please help us in our endeavours to be self-sustainable.

Sharing is Caring  ❤


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