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A family and community healing movement spreading from Australasia through the East Asia Oceania Region evolving and enriching all aspects of wellbeing

Laceweb is a New Social Movement supporting people going beyond existing to Living in ways tapping the fullness of potential.

Some discerning social commentators are recognising a global groundswell of people taking action for a better world. A new form of social movement. Focusing on wellness. Consciousness Raising. Connecting and relating well with others and the environment. Involving perhaps well over a million groups in every country around the world. This Laceweb Archive documents some of this wellness action in the SE Asia Oceania Australasia Region. This site, back on the Internet in late Aug 2014, has already received over 2,230,000 hits from 159 countries.



The art of healing and healing in art therapy

By Rob Gray MAPS, Director, Centre for Educational and Clinical Art Therapy

Picture a patient sitting across from a therapist, unable to voice her innermost thoughts; unable to vocalise her hidden shame; unwilling, even in this safe haven, to speak aloud the fears that have plagued her since childhood.

Now imagine the same patient given a blank sheet of paper, a bottle of glue and a stack of pictures – pictures of people, pictures that express emotion, pictures of nature, and pictures that appear as one thing to one person and something else to another.

Given the freedom to express herself with art rather than words, the client opens up. She remembers her earliest days, when pencils and crayons gave her the freedom to express herself without the complication of words. Encouraged to create, both then and now, she subconsciously lets her guard down, and with it, allows her emotions to stream forward like a raging river. This is psychology and creativity melded together in a counselling context. This is art therapy.