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Funding Rounds

Community Project Grants Closing Dates

Round 1 applications close Tuesday 15 March 2016
for projects commencing after 1 July 2016

Round 2 applications close Monday 15 August 2016
for projects commencing after 1 January 2017

Quick Response Grants Funding Rounds and Closing Dates

There is no closing date.

The fund is available 1 February – 30 November (or until available funds are used).

More Funding Information

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Arts and Events Funding Online Resource

For more information about Arts and Events Funding go to our ArtsYakka resources:  it contains free funding tips information about Brokering Partnerships, Fundraising, Grant Funding, Grants in Queensland and more

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Arts and Cultural Funding Matrix

The Arts and Cultural Funding Matrix provides a list of many of the grants available which support arts and cultural development in Queensland.

The matrix was compiled by the Creative Generator SEQ in 2012.
Please note the Funding Matrix is a guide only and not a list of all grants from all funding bodies. Before applying for any grant we recommend you speak to the Grant Liaison Officer at the relevant funding body first.

You can download our Arts and Cultural Funding Matrix and Regional Arts Fund Case Studies under the “Downloads” section of the Artslink website.

Quick Response Grants

The Regional Quick Response Grant Fund will open on the 1 February 2016  and close 30 November 2016 (depending on funding  availability).  Runs annually- no round dates.

Assistance up to $1,500 to individual artists or $3,000 for organisations for professional development  or community arts projects.submitted online via Smartygrants.

Applicants are advised to have a phone consultation with the RAF Manager prior to applying and to check the eligibility section below 

About the Quick Response Grants

The Quick Response Grant Scheme officially operates between February 1 to November 30 each year, and applications can be submitted at any time with a turnaround of 10 business days. Please note – a phonecall to the RAF Manager (07 3254 9508) to discuss your project is essential before submitting your Quick Response Grant Application. Fund Guidelines This scheme is a part of the Regional Arts Fund, a Commonwealth Government initiative through the Ministry for the Arts. In Queensland, it is managed by Artslink Queensland.

Objectives The program provides support for professional or community skills development and other opportunities for the development of cultural activities in regional Queensland, particularly in remote areas. Criteria Guidelines are set by the Federal Government and Regional Arts Australia.

Proposals should:

  • specify and provide a Certificate of Incorporation for the not-for-profit, legally incorporated organisation that will manage or auspice the project;
  • demonstrate strategic partnerships with evidence of financial or in-kind support shown clearly in the budget;
  • clearly demonstrate how the community will be involved with the project and how they will benefit;
  • commence within 3 months of application lodgement.

Grants of $500 up to $1,500 for individual artists or $500 up to $3,000 for organisations are available to:

  • assist Regional Artists, arts organisations and communities who would otherwise be disadvantaged by being ineligible for other forms of financial assistance
  • provide opportunities for professional or skills development through participation in arts activities and workshops (the proposal should demonstrate how such professional development will benefit the regional community)
  • provide opportunities for regional communities to employ professional artists to conduct seminars and forums which develop skills within the community
  • enable communities to bring artists or arts workers into their community to assist in the concept development of more significant arts projects
  • assist in the participation or development of the arts and culture within regional communities.

Projects will not be considered where they are:

  • Ongoing administration costs of the organisation associated with the project;
  • Individual development that does not connect to regional priorities or have direct community benefit (e.g. individual exhibition costs, self-publishing, attending entertainment events or overseas travel);
  • Infrastructure projects (e.g. building purchase, renovation or maintenance) or purchase of assets;
  • Heritage activities (although arts projects located at Heritage buildings or sites are eligible);
  • Ongoing activities of collecting institutions for collection development, maintenance, conservation and interpretation (although creative arts projects that meet the Program Objectives are eligible);
  • Touring projects that primarily involve touring from major urban centres to Regional, Remote or Very Remote/Isolated communities;
  • Components of projects that are already in receipt of funding through programs delivered by The Office of the Arts;
  • The core costs of organising and running competitions, prizes, awards, or fund-raising events;
  • Curriculum/school-based activities (including school musicals and excursions) or courses of ongoing education and training in government or private institutions in Australia or overseas, academic activity, including wages or course work that is required as part of any academic program;
  • Repeat projects or projects that have commenced or been completed;
  • Projects managed by grantees who have not acquitted previous grants from the Regional Arts Fund or any other Australian Government funding program;
  • Organisations and/or projects that is outside the geographic area designated as regional by the Australian Government for the Fund.


David Hamilton Puppeteer Workshops - Outback Festival Winton 2013 QRG

Eligibility All regional arts and community groups and individual artists are eligible for funding. Groups should be a not-for-profit, legally incorporated organisation that is registered in Queensland (or have another not-for-profit, incorporated group that is prepared to auspice the grant on their behalf). For the purposes of this component of the Regional Arts Fund, ‘regional’ is defined as anywhere in Queensland outside the Brisbane/Ipswich/Caboolture/Sunshine Coast/Gold Coast/Toowoomba city hub. Eligibility is determinded using the ASGC Remoteness Areas  using the Dr Connect Locator .  Areas in the RA1- Major Cities category are NOT eligible

Grants This program provides grants of minimum $500 to a maximum $1,500 for individuals or up to $3,000.00 for organisations and are capped at $2,500.00 for individuals and $6,000.00 for organisations per applicant during the four-year period from July 2012 – June 2016.

Applications, Acknowledgement and Acquittals

Applications Applications should be made online via Smarty Grants. All sections must be completed. There is no closing date, but the fund is available 1 February – 30 November (or until available funds are used). All applications are assessed and responded to within 10 business days.

Acknowledgement: The source of funding must be publicly acknowledged on all promotional material by inclusion of the appropriate logo (to be supplied).  All media releases and, where space permits, all other publicity should carry the following accreditation: “This project has been made possible by a Regional Quick Response Grant – an Australian Government initiative through the Regional Arts Fund, supporting the arts in regional and remote/isolated Australia.”

Acquittals The acquittal is to include a Report Letter (a full Written Evaluation, Digital requirement and support material) with specific details of the benefits of the project and any statistical information considered relevant eg, artists employed, number of participants etc. The acquittal must be lodged online using the acquittal form that will be uploaded to your online Smarty Grants account. If your application was submitted prior to 1 July 2014 please acquit using the Outcome Report Form in the resources section on this page. Important note:

Please find the Regional Arts Fund Photographic Subject Release Form and Regional Arts Fund Project Image Information Sheet located in the resources section  here for your convenience  for documentation of your digital requirement for use with both acquittal processes. It is important that photographs and media coverage be presented with the acquittal documentation, preferably in electronic format. Failure to acquit projects by the due date may jeopardise future access to the fund. For more information contact our Funding Officer, Robyn: P: 07 3254 9508 – F: 07 3254 9501- robyn.lawton[at]

Details for the Acquittal

The acquittal should be accompanied by the digital requirement and support material and a full written evaluation of the project which includes the following: Written evaluation

  • full description of the project and a statement of how the project was received by its intended audience
  • the extent of local participation
  • what benefits the project brought to the local community
  • provide any statistical information considered relevant, for instance number of artists employed, number, age and demographics of participants

Digital Requirement and support material

  • include media cuttings and any other related promotional material
  • 2-4 quality photographs of the project in action or the outcomes-showing people engaging in arts practice. high resolution, minimum 1 megabyte,  jpeg format.  Each photograph should have a title, photographer’s credits, names of subjects if less than 3 using the provided image information sheet. Photographs of individuals must also include a subject release form. These can be emailed or sent on CD/USB.
  • images and video submitted as part of the project acquittal may be used by Artslink Qld to promote the Regional Arts Fund – all care will be taken to include credits provided.
  • Demonstrate where the required RAF and Artslink Queensland acknowledgement and logos have been correctly used by providing all media and promotional material (See Promotion and Publicity: above)

Regional Arts Fund

The Regional Arts Fund is an Australian Government initiative that supports sustainable, community-based cultural development in regional, remote and isolated areas of Australia. In Queensland, the Regional Arts Fund (RAF) is managed by Artslink Queensland and delivered in two  grant categories – The Community Projects Grants and the Regional Quick Response Grants (RQRG) Programs.

The Regional Arts Fund has closed for 2016 and 2017 projects. Check back in early 2017 for funding applications for 2018.