Petford Wellness Wellbeing Festival 2017

Hello Everyone

We would like to start organising the first Petford Wellness Wellbeing Festival to be held in 2018.

What is Wellbeing?

noun [ mass noun ]
the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy: an improvement in the patient’s well-being.

We welcome submissions from anyone interested in sharing their knowledge about well-being that aligns with Petford Wellness’ philosophies, including “let food be thy medicine” and “music heals the soul”, including:

  • Artists of all kinds. Art is an amazing way to generate well-being by allowing free expression of oneself.
  • Healing sound engineers and acoustic musicians, as this will be an acoustic festival focused on generating natural healing sounds with the voice, body and acoustic instruments.
  • Cooks who do not use sugar or wheat in their recipes. Gluten free is not essential but welcome all the same. You don’t have to have a food licence or stall. We can help you get one. We just want to hear from people who make delicious goodies that are actually good. The rest is just paperwork and we’ll work it out together 🙂
  • Fermenters of kombucha, saur kraut, kim chi and more, please get in contact. We love fermented foods and would love to showcase the delicous benefits of fermented food.
  • Builders of all kinds of constructions are greatly desired at Petford Wellness, especially in the build up to the festival. We want to ensure this a family friendly fesitval and we have to build certain facilities to accommodate families.

Thank you all for reading this post. We hope to hear from like-minded people soon.

Take care of yourselves and each other.

The Petford Wellness Team


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